MetaThink Shares Our Branding Perspective on The First Chinese Brands Day

On May 10, 2017, our country celebrates the first Chinese Brands Day. The concept of ‘brand’ has deeply rooted in people’s mind. But how should we understand brands? And what are the jobs of branding consultancy? Today, MetaThink would like to share our branding perspective with you.
In our opinion, the job of brand consulting is to create and to optimize the expression forms with the help of visual, words and environmental experience between the enterprises and people. In this way, to create an outstanding brand image. MetaThink places the construction of brand image under the frame of the interaction among vision, system and expression.
Vision refers to the ideological form and the core values held by the enterprise, including the enterprises’ self-awareness, of the environment, and of the future. For an enterprise, the inherent value goes before its strategies, products and services. It points out the direction of how to pursue the further presence of expressions.
System refers to the organizational form of an enterprise, including the business process, culture and even how employees behave. Which explained why we pay attention to understand how people behave, and how the environment exerts an influence on it when we start to work with an enterprise on the project of brand advertising.
Expression is the image of a brand, including logo, brand tagline, brand story and  the branded environment, etc. With the help of words, visual expression and the design, ‘expression’ turns the abstract branding concept into a visualized figure that rooted in people’s hearts.
Therefore, if we want to design an outstanding branding strategy, we will need to have a deep understanding for the business platform, the relevant system of the enterprise and the style of the organization. Moreover, we will have to find out the possibility for these elements to change within the reasonable range of time. Based on these, we can configure the ‘expression’ that could go along with the ‘vision and system’, thus to form a healthy interaction among them.
The first Chinese Brands Day is both an opportunity and a challenge for the brand enterprises and the specialized branding consultancy. The branding consultancy needs to strengthen the brands’ will and determination from roots, which derived from the supports of the interior organization and culture of an enterprise, along with the creative brand expression. MetaThink’s mission is ‘Enriching the Dialogue Between Business and People. We would like to have more discussions with peer companies and brand-lovers. Please join us for more conversations on hot topics.